Shift of GOP Power Evident in Mike Tryon Endorsement Piece

Of course, the 2014 Republican Party Convention showed that a significant shift in power had occurred when Sandra Salgado was selected over outgoing Chairman Mike Tryon’s choice–Mark Daniel. But, those in control during the Al Jourdan legacy years still were … Continue reading

McHenry County Republican Party Reformers Surface

There have been rumblings that the originally McHenry Township-based coalition nurtured by long-time McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Al Jourdan (who first won that post in 1968) is under severe challenge. One could tell by looking at all the new … Continue reading

RTA’s Al Jourdan and Don Totten Remind Suburbanites What’s at Stake

It took Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown to point it out, but there are some high regional stakes in the fight over who controls mass transportation in the metropolitan area. The same fight occurred in 1974 and in the early … Continue reading

Metra’s Jack Schaffer Calls Proposed Personnel Policy Way to Increase “Patronage”

Back when Jack Schaffer was State Senator and I was State Rep., we once had a conversation about patronage. Both of us agreed that we were pleased to let McHenry County Republican County Chairman Al Jourdan handle that aspect of … Continue reading

McHenry County Board Chairman Selection Monday Morning

The pretty secret jockeying to be Chairman of the McHenry County Board for the next two years will culminate tomorrow morning in Woodstock. After the 9 0.clock swearing in, three, perhaps four, perhaps more people will have their names entered … Continue reading

McHenry GOP Chairmen, Present & Past, Step Forward for Dave McSweeney

Just in case there was any doubt, “Fellow Republicans” received a letter from Mike Tryon William “Bill” LeFew Jack Schaffer Al Jourdan informing them that are supporting David McSweeney, the GOP winner of the 52nd District State Rep. race this … Continue reading

McHenry Township Republicans Raise Money

Saturday afternoon, McHenry Township Republicans gathered at the McHenry Moose for a pig roast and to hear candidates make their pitches. McHenry County Blog prevailed upon attendee Becky Kress to share her photos. McHenry County Board member Barb Wheeler, who … Continue reading

NW Herald Quotes Schaffer on Franks’ Metra Attack Motivation

Kevin Craver of the Northwest Herald wrote a story Tuesday about McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler’s unwillingness to ask for the resignation of former State Senator Jack Schaffer from the Metra Board. The first indication I could find of … Continue reading

Franks Bill Provides New Way to Complain About RTA, Metra, Pace and the CTA

I’ve written previously of State Rep. Jack Franks’ personal motivation for going after Metra and RTA board members, but let me remind readers that Metra Board member Jack Schaffer owns Liberty Outdoor, the company that puts up small billboards favored … Continue reading

Jack Franks Gets Attention of Colleagues and Capitol Fax Blog Commenters

Marengo Democrat Jack Franks has gotten publicity for his third “Let’s get rid of the pensions” bill. First he went after the RTA, Metra, Pace and the CTA. No salaries, not pension, no health care benefits. No one seems to … Continue reading

Franks Lashes Out at McHenry County Good Ol’ Boys

Thursday in the Chicago Tribune, Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks lashed out at McHenry County Republicans who had the audacity to put up an opponent, John O’Neill, in last fall’s election. The comments were in a story covering a … Continue reading

Headlines: Tribune vs. Northwest Herald

Take a look at the headline in the Chicago Tribune about Sheriff Keith Nygren’s belated release of Al Jourdan’s 911 call about Phil Pagano’s possible suicide. Then, take a look at the emphasis in the Northwest Herald’s headline. Which do … Continue reading

Mike Mahon Criticizes Kieth Nygren on Transparency or Lack Thereof in Release of Phil Pagano Suicide 911 Call

Read the press release as it was sent: MAHON NOTES 911 TAPE SHOWS NYGREN STANCE ON PUBLIC INFORMATION Candidate for McHenry County Sheriff Mike Mahon Friday said that incumbent Sheriff Keith Nygren’s initial refusal to release the 911 tapes surrounding … Continue reading

BGA Gets Phil Pagano 911 Call

Why Sheriff Keith Nygren refused to release the 911 call made by former McHenry County and State Republican Party Chairman Al Jourdan is beyond me. Now, almost most four months after Metra Exec Phil Pagano committed suicide by stepping in … Continue reading

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Report on Phil Pagano’s Suicide

What follows is what the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department provided when I filed a Freedom of Information Report for the report on Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano’s suicide. The farther down you got, the more interesting it gets. One suicide … Continue reading