State Has Figured Out That Insurance Agents Can Sell Obamacare

When Governor Jim Edgar passed Kids Care in the mid-1990’s, I remember having lunch in the legislators’ dining room and telling her if he wanted it to really succeed, he would let insurance agents sell it. Instead, Edgar and Blagojevich … Continue reading

Legislative Update from St. Rep. Mike Tryon

An email from Mike Tryon about the next-to-the-last week in Springfield: Key legislation was debated and voted on last week in the General Assembly. Here is an update of some of the more noteworthy items: Bill to Curb use of … Continue reading

Illegal Aliens Compose 75% of All Kids Taxpayer Subsidized Health Care Program

The Daily Herald style book can’t bring itself to use the words “illegal aliens,” but John Patterson’s story about the Illinois Auditor General’s study of Rod Blagojevich’s All Kids taxpayer-subsidized health care program says 75% of 71,665 children on the … Continue reading

Calculating One’s Cost-Benefit Ratio on the Doomsday Budget

When Rod Blagojevich and the Democrats took total control of state government, Blagojevich claimed the deficit was $5 billion. That was after the election. I figured that was over a two-year period. He raised all kinds of fees, virtually asking … Continue reading

Daily Herald Finds Blagojevich All Kids Health Care Program Filled with Illegal Aliens

One of the first articles on McHenry County Blog was Will Those Illegally in Illinois Will Bethe Biggest Beneficiary ofGovernor Rod Blagojevich’s “All Kids” Health Plan? It went up on October 24, 2005. At a town meeting conducted by State … Continue reading