Bachmann’s Back

After a period during which internet searchers couldn’t find much about former McHenry County resident Dave Bachmann, he’s reactivated his blog, McHenry County Secrets. Bachmann has written about his favorite subjects: Keith Nygren Andy Zinke … Continue reading

Zinke Update

Discovered that Andy Zinke is being paid $21 an hour for his part-time Lakemoor Police job. Wife Kim’s case was in front of Judge Sharon Prather on July 1st. Judge Prather recused herself, so now it has been moved to … Continue reading

Andy Zinke Update

The arrest of his wife Kim Zinke, led to a tip that former McHenry County Undersheriff and unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination for Sheriff, was working part-time for the Village of Lakemoor’s Police Department. That turns out to be … Continue reading

Kim Zinke Update

The Daily Herald finally got around to writing a story about the arrest of Kane County Deputy Sheriff Kim Zinke for unlawful possession of a controlled substance. New information included her hiring of Crystal Lake attorney Henry Sugden she “had prescriptions … Continue reading

Schofield Reports $14,200

When this was first published, I didn’t list itemized contributions from Alliance Contractors Mike Tryon Andy Zinke The totals were correct and now the three missing contributions are included. In the race to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon, McHenry County … Continue reading

Report on Zinke Probe Online

Here’s the headline and first paragraph of the article that The First Electric Newspaper’s Pete Gonigam wrote about publishing the document that reported on the investigation of Chief Deputy Sheriff Andy Zinke’s involvement in a DEA probe. The report was … Continue reading

County Ready to Settle Nygren Freedom of Information Suit re Zinke Report with First Electric Newspaper – $104,000 in Legal Fees

Pete Gonigam, Publisher of the First Electric Newspaper, sued McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nyrgen when the former top cop refused to release the report about an investigation of his Chief Deputy and chosen replacement Andy Zinke. Mary Gardner was Gonigam’s … Continue reading