Crystal Lake’s Hikes Taxes Almost 10%–More Than Any Other City or Village

Municipal elections were last spring.  The next ones are not until next spring. Perhaps that explains why the City of Crystal Lake decided to hike taxes so much this year–a non-election year. There will go up 9.8%. McHenry, on the … Continue reading

Barrington Hills Village President Bob Abboud Unseated by Martin McLaughlin

Next month, Martin McLaughlin will take two-term Barrington Hills Village President Robert Abboud’s place at the spot with the gavel in front of it. There will also be some changes on the Barrington Hills Village Board. Let’s look at the … Continue reading

Candidates’ Forum Planned by Barrington Hills Village Trustee Candidate David Stieper, Seeks Neutral Moderator

A press release from Barrington Hills Village President candidate David Stieper. He is challenging Robert Abboud. Barrington Hills Trustee Candidate, David Stieper, invites all candidates to Open Public Forum David Stieper, an independent candidate for Village Trustee of Barrington Hills, … Continue reading

Barrington Hills Financial Position, Debt Up over $3.5 Million in One Year, Unfunded Police Pension Liability of $6.3 Million

The Cook County Treasurer’s Office has put online all sorts of financial information that was previouisly virtually impossible to a taxpayer to find. Let’s look at the Home Rule municipality of Barrington Hills as an example. Let’s look at the … Continue reading

Haeger Schoolhouse and Cemetery, Plus Ira Goodrich Homestead to Have Illinois State Historical Markers

A press release about the dedication of historical plaques in Barrington Hills: TWO BARRINGTON AREA SITES UNVEILING STATE HISTORICAL MARKERS BARRINGTON HILLS: On Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 1 p.m., two Illinois State Historical Markers will be unveiled, a first … Continue reading

Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) Pushes Windmills in Another Democratic Party Mailing

After looking at the mailing that arrived today for Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) from the Democratic Party of Illinois, I continue to wonder if the Barrington Hills resident is suggesting that windmills should be allowed in her hometown. And, if the … Continue reading