Media Ignoring Illinois Jobs Failure by Illinois Dems

A jobs announcement that Melissa Bean, Bill Foster, Pat Quinn and Alexi Giannoulias won’t highlight. 500 good paying new jobs. Caterpillar makes excavators in Aurora. In a liberal Democrat’s Congressional district. So where in Illinois did Caterpillar, headquartered in Peoria, … Continue reading

Give Away to Teachers’ Unions Paid for by Cutting Food Stamps Well After the Next Two Elections

Both Democrats Melissa Bean and Bill Foster voted on Tuesday for a $10 billion giveaway to the teachers unions, along with a $16 billion bailout spending to the states. The politics included cutting serious dollars from food stamps. To show … Continue reading

Will County District in Play, GOP Candidate’s Internal Poll Shows

Thanks to Capitol Fax Blog for the link to Public Opinion Strategies memo describing its poll findings in the 11th district race between Democrat incumbent Debbie Halvorson and challenger Adam Kinzinger. 51%-40% for the Republican with the ratio getting better … Continue reading

Does NPR Poll Indicate Vulnerability for Melissa Bean?

National Public Radio reports on a 1,200 person poll taken in 70 U.S. House of Representative districts considered swing districts. Three from Illinois—Bill Foster’s, Debbie Halvorsen’s and Melissa Bean’s—were included. The results nationwide showed voters selecting Republicans over Democrats 49% … Continue reading

14th District Watch – Republican Randy Hultgren Notes Analyst’s Shift in Prediction to “Pure Toss Up”

While national Beltway observers don’t think much of Joe Walsh’s chances of upsetting Melissa Bean in the 8th congressional district, one respected commentator has described GOP candidate Randy Hultgren’s chances against incumbent Democrat Bill Foster (south of the McHenry-Kane County … Continue reading

8th & 14th District Watch – Walsh: Poll Shows Good Results Against Bean; Hultgren Competitive with Foster

A press release from 8th Congressional District Republican candidate Joe Walsh alerts me to polling results for both the 8th and 14th Districts. Melissa Bean is the incumbent Democrat Walsh is challenging. Democratic Party candidate Bill Foster is the candidate … Continue reading

Randy Hultgren Calls Out Bill Foster for “Multiple Generation Theft”

Sent last night after the health care vote in the U.S. House, State Senator Randy Hultgren, the Republican challenger to 14th District Democrat Bill Foster, this press release says Foster is “bought and paid for” by the Service Employees International … Continue reading

Another Republican Smelling Democrat Blood in the Water

Like sharks smelling blood in the water, candidates are surfacing hoping to kill re-election chances of Blue Dog Democrats. The thought first came to me when 8th congressional district Barrington native Joe Walsh announced he would seek the GOP nomination … Continue reading