Sheriff’s Department’s Business Manager Uses County-Owned Car to Commute To and From Winnebago County

Having been told that the Business Manager for the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department was provided a taxpayer-owned car to commute to and from her home north of Rockford, I asked some questions. In a reply to a Freedom of Information … Continue reading

No Rule Against Fixing Private Vehicles in McHenry County Sheriff’s Garage

Over the years there have been reports of private cars having their oil changed and being repaired by McHenry County Sheriff’s Department personnel with the use of taxpayer-funded supplies. The name of a member of the County Board even came … Continue reading

Who’s Driving Cars in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department?

Some readers suggested that a list of McHenry County Sheriff’s Department employees assigned cars might be interesting. OK. You see it below. Tell me what’s significant? I’m assuming that the names listed are employees, except for the one that says, … Continue reading