Low Income Housing Prompts Cary Controversary, Village Board Meeting Tonight

It’s 8 AM today at a Cary real estate office. The Realtor is expecting a visitor. A man walks in and the Realtor greets him. “You must be (name withheld)?” “No I’m (another person).  Based on what I see going … Continue reading

Crystal Lake’s Hikes Taxes Almost 10%–More Than Any Other City or Village

Municipal elections were last spring.  The next ones are not until next spring. Perhaps that explains why the City of Crystal Lake decided to hike taxes so much this year–a non-election year. There will go up 9.8%. McHenry, on the … Continue reading

Former Supervisor Puts Bill Prim in “Top Echelon in Law Enforcement Knowledge & Abilities”

A press release from the Bill Prim for Sheriff committee: BILL PRIM FOR SHERIFF ENDORSEMENT My name is Charles Hiscock. I’ve worked closely with Bill Prim in both investigative and intelligence work and have found him to be a tell-it-like-it-is person … Continue reading