St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church Dumps Boy Scouts

WGN-TV is reporting that St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church is withdrawing from the Boy Scouts of America. The Priest is reported to have sent a letter to that effect to Boy Scout headquarters “because the Boy Scouts of America’s … Continue reading

Religious Freedom Rally against Obamacare Mandates at Woodstock Courthouse Noon Saturday

The poster I received says that folks are gathering again this Saturday at the Woodstock Courthouse to support religious freedom.  It is focused on Obamacare’s mandate to provide services found unacceptable by the Catholic Church. The print on the poster … Continue reading

Crystal Lake’s St. Thomas Parishioners Get Handout like None They Have Ever Seen

Here’s this weekend’s homework for Crystal Lake Catholics who attend St. Thomas Catholic Church on Route 176. President Obama: An Opponent Of Catholicism? By Msgr. Eric Barr, Vicar General & Chancellor, Diocese of Rockford Step with me into the area … Continue reading