Chicago Police Department Reticent to Provide Misbehaving Officer’s Photo

When the neighbor across the way from the castle in Fox River Grove got irritated by people parking on the street, she turned to a neighbor from Boone County’s Candlewick Lake subdivision for help. The neighbor jotted down the license … Continue reading

Chicago Police Officer Who Ran Plates for FRG Castle Owner Neighbor Loses Her Job

Jennifer Martin, a friend of Fox River Grove Castle owner’s across the street neighbor, has lost her job as a Chicago Police Patrol Officer for using the state license plate data base for non-official purposes. The July 17th vote was … Continue reading

FRG Castle License Plate Runner Identified as Chicago Policewoman Jennifer Martin

The dispute between the owners of the Bettendorf Castle in Fox River Grove and neighbors Diana and James Durso has been playing out before the City of Chicago Police Board. The Chicago Police Superintendent seeks to dismiss Jennifer Martin from being a Police … Continue reading

Animal Farm – Concealed Carry Edition

It’s OK for Chicago Alderman to carry concealed handguns, but not its citizens. It’s OK for suburban Cook County residents to carry concealed guns, but not Chicagoans. That’s what I conclude after listening to part of a WBEZ interview with … Continue reading

Chicago Policeman 8th Convicted in FBI’s Operation Tow Scam

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: CHICAGO POLICE OFFICER CONVICTED OF ATTEMPTED EXTORTION FOR STEERING VEHCILE TOWS FROM ACCIDENT SCENES TO DRIVER CHICAGO — A Chicago police officer was convicted today of obtaining two extortion payments totaling $3,200 … Continue reading

Appellate Court Dumps Illinois Gun Control, Puts Issue Squarely in Sites of Next General Assembly

Read the decision if you are really interested. This decision comes with the backdrop of Chicago Police being incapable to stop people from getting shot on the street. Here are some snippets: “Even carrying an unloaded gun in public, if … Continue reading