Evidence That Judge Might Consider When Sentencing Former McHenry County Sheriff’s Sgt. Greg Pyle

A funny thing happened in Rockford’s Federal Courthouse Friday. That was the day I went over to cover the plea bargain of former McHenry County Sgt. Greg Pyle.  (You can read the story here.) After the trial, I discovered that … Continue reading

Illinois State Jailer Shared Kiddy Porn through “Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing” Accounts

I found this press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Springfield of interest because of similar charges that have been filed against former McHenry County Sheriff’s Sgt. Greg Pyle: FORMER STATE CORRECTIONS OFFICER PLEADS GUILTY TO CHILD PORNOGRAPHY OFFENSES … Continue reading

The Federal Complaint against McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Greg Pyle

For those into seeing the reasons that Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Wesley Tagtmeyer swore out a complaint against Gregory Pyle before Magistrate P. Michael Mahoney, you’ll find it below.  If you would like to read other McHenry County … Continue reading