McHenry County Residents Lobby Springfield on Gun Issues

Mickey Schuch, President of McHenry County Concealed Carry, reports, “We had huge turnout from McHenry County and upwards of 3,000 from around the state “I brought some of our group to meet with Representatives Tryon, Wheeler, Andersson, and Senators Althoff … Continue reading

Comments from McHenry County Right to Carry Group on Target’s Announcement

A statement from Mickey Schuch, President, McHenry County Right To Carry Association: In regards to the statement issued by Target Corporation this week asking patrons to not bring firearms to the stores, we respect the right of any person or … Continue reading

Only One Objection Made to 1,117 Concealed Carry Applilcations

As for Friday, 1,117 people from McHenry County had made applications for concealed carry permits. And, of those, only one local, unidentified local police department has submitted an objection. In response to a Freedom of Information request, the McHenry County … Continue reading

McHenry County Has Highest Percentage Applying for Concealed Carry Permits in Chicago Area

Thanks to a statistical analysis by the Chicago Sun-Times, we know today that McHenry County has more people, on a proportional basis, applying for concealed carry permits than any other Chicago-area county. (Graphic here. Map here.) With 822 people applying … Continue reading

Gus Philpott Asks McHenry County College Board to Follow State Law on Concealed Carry

Woodstock Advocate Editor and Concealed Carry of McHenry County Secretary Gus Philpott wrote the following letter to McHenry County College Trustees: Members of the Board of Trustees, As you consider the proposed concealed carry policy before the┬áDecember 19th┬ámeeting, may I … Continue reading

Concealed Carry Restrictions To Be Discussed by McHenry County College Board Monday

Monday, December 9 at 6:30 the Policy Committee of the McHenry County Board will discuss the following, among other topics: Sustainability Policy Creation of Concealed Carry Weapon Policy Development of New Policy on Issuing Debt Review Process for MCC Vendors … Continue reading

Concealed Carry Folks Meeting with State’s Attorney’s and Sheriff”s Department Representatives on Nov. 21st

A notice from the McHenry County Right to Carry Association: The McHenry County Right To Carry Association will hold an open meeting about law enforcement contact with armed civilians. Concealed carry licenses can be applied for in January, and the … Continue reading