Second Sheriff’s Candidate, Gus Philpott, Completes Conflict of Interest Form

Now there are two candidates for countywide office who have filed the conflict of interest forms prepared by the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water. The first was Zane Seipler, the Republican challenging McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren for his … Continue reading

11th McHenry County Board Candidate Voluntarily Discloses Potential Conflict of Interest information

With the submission of the ALAW conflict of interest form, the total now stands at eleven of those county board members who have opened up financial aspects of their personal lives. Republican Veronica Armstrong, who is running for a District … Continue reading

Voluntary Potential Conflict of Interest Disclosure Gains Momentum as a Campaign Issue

One of the roles McHenry County Blog plays is alerting daily newspapers of stories they otherwise might not think of. This might be one of those articles. The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water came up with an idea to … Continue reading

County Board Candidate Craig Steagall Focuses on Tighter Ethics Rules

The man who has taken on Ken Koehler‘s sale of the old Flowerwood nursery property on County Club Road to Metra for a commuter rail passenger station–and I mean really taken him on–is calling for other county board members and … Continue reading

ALAW Gets Two Replies on Ethics Disclosure Form

Maybe the times they are a changing. The following press release from ALAW, the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water tells of two new aspirants for the McHenry County Board having answered the questions on the income and asset disclosure … Continue reading

Craig Steagall Outlines McHenry County Board Goals

On District 3 McHenry County Board candidates’ web site, Craig Steagall outlines his goals, if elected. They are interesting, especially, the ethics, transparency and creation of email surveying capabilities, so I thought I would share them with you below: Craig’s … Continue reading

Pro-Life Endorsement for Zane Seipler for Sheriff, County Board Candidates

Illinois Citizens for Life, a statewide pro-life group, has endorsed Zane Seipler for McHenry County Sheriff. Seipler is challenging incumbent Sheriff Keith Nygren in the February 2nd Republican primary election. The organization is also endorsing candidates for county board. In … Continue reading

Crystal Lake City Council Rejects Metra’s Choice for Traffic Engineer

Traffic will be a major sticking point on Metra’s proposed Ridgefield commuter station the same was it was for the baseball stadium proposed for McHenry County College. The Crystal Lake City Council unanimously approved Councilwoman Ellen Brady Mueller’s motion to … Continue reading

Metra Tries to Quell Ridgefield Land Purchase Firestrom

Look what just popped into my email inbox: Frequently Asked Questions aboutthe Ridgefield Metra parking lot purchase ten days ago. You will notice that no mention is made of McHenry County College in the FAQ’s below: I am in receipt … Continue reading