How Crystal Lake Grade School District 47 Views Common Core

In it’s newsletter, Crystal Lake Elementary School District 47 gave its take on the new Common Core Standards imposed by the State Board of Education. An Overview of the Common Core State Standards Connecting Standards, Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction By … Continue reading

Folks North and South of Crystal Lake Complain of Flooding

The Crystal Lake City Council spent a huge chunk of change to stop the flooding of North Shore Drive. The total cost was $762,000 with State taxpayers kicking in $482,000 through the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. From driving … Continue reading

Two People Could Win Park Board Seats with Write-In Campaigns – 103 Votes Needed

Five seats are up at the Crystal Lake park Board in April’s election. Terms are expiring for Deborah Gallagher Jerry Sullivan Angel Collins Caroline Bachour-Chemaly Thomas Aquilina But there are only three people running for the Park Board: Angel Collins … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Park District Planning to Tax to the Max

Thursday night there was a workshop at the Crystal Lake Park Board to discuss the tax levying process. The presentation assumed that the Board wanted to extract as much money as possible from the taxpayers: Take the entire amount allowed … Continue reading

Slot Machines in Crystal Lake: No, No, No, No, No, No, Who Am I To Judge?

An informal discussion was held Tuesday night by the Crystal Lake City Council about whether to allow slot machines (“video poker,” if you favor the idea) in town After presentations by two gambling machine purveyors, City Council members expressed a … Continue reading

Althoff & Tryon Have 7 PM Town Hall Meeting Thursday at Crystal Lake City Hall

A press release from State Senator Pam Althoff: Althoff, Tryon to host town hall meeting McHENRY, Ill. – State Sen. Pamela Althoff (R-McHenry) and State Rep. Michael Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) will be hosting a town hall meeting for constituents this … Continue reading

Pipe-Weilding Crystal Lake Convenience Store Robber Convicted

A press release from the McHenry County State’s Attorney: JURY FINDS MAN GUILTY OF ARMED ROBBERY AND AGGRAVATED BATTERY Louis A. Bianchi, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that twenty-four year old Daniel Charneski, of Freeport, Illinois, was found guilty yesterday … Continue reading

Lakewood’s Tax Rate Up Most, Richmond’s Only One Down

Because Lakewood Village Board members decided to require residents to pay off the last year of the golf course purchased the year before the Property Tax Cap went into effect, Lakewood has the highest percentage tax rate increase of any … Continue reading

Citizens Ask District 155 to Reveal Teacher Contract Information

Chris Williams of  Grafton-Algonquin-Nunda-Dorr Community Advocates shares a request that Crystal Lake High School District 155 make public details of the most expensive part of the school budget–teacher salaries. It comes on the rejection of the following Freedom of Information … Continue reading

Outdoor Christian Manger Scene, Home Vandalized in Crystal Lake

Tuesday night, the home of former Crystal Lake City Councilman Fred Wickham and his wife Lynn, owner of Wickham’s Interiors in Downtown Crystal Lake was vandalized. The manger was dragged out onto Blue Mound, where it was discovered by Crystal … Continue reading