2016 Republican Primary Votes by Precinct

What follows was what appeared on the McHenry County Clerk’s web site. It tells the precinct name, the name of the elected Republican Precinct Committeeman (at least 10 votes are required for write-in candidates), the number of Republican votes cast … Continue reading

Hanky Panky by the Democrats

Chicago politicians are making a big deal about robo-calls that went to Cook County and Chicago election judges that apparently caused a number not to report for duty. Barrington Hills’ Sharon Meroni of Defend the Vote and the one who … Continue reading

Second Telephone Poll Last Night

Two nights ago I received a “one-minute poll” from an unidentified source. Just three questions. Last night Susan Anderson called to ask me seven questions. The end of the survey said it was from Communications Express at 618-528-5700. Area code … Continue reading

Illinois’ Problem with Attracting Business

Chicago Tribune business columnist Paul Rosenthal has writes some truths today about the Illinois business climate that the Democrats running Illinois should, but won’t listen to. “Here is Illinois, where the lengthy list of benefits for business is matched by … Continue reading

Dems Running Bill Downs against David McSweeney

Petitions are circulating for Bill Downs to run on the Democratic Party ticket against State Representative David McSweeney. Downs lives in Fox Trails. Last year, McSweeney came in first in a three-way GOP Primary Election, but was challenged by Dee … Continue reading

Joe Walsh Comes Out of the Closet, Compares Republicans to Whigs – Part 3

OK. We’ve taken care of the coming out of the closet part of the headline.  Today the Whigs enter the story. Let’s see what else former Congressman and now-WIND talk show host had to say in Crystal Lake on Saturday. … Continue reading

McSweeney Gets Hit Three Times on Abortion, Advantage Beaubien

It wasn’t a one-two punch. It was a one-two-three punch. There were two mailings. One was from the Democratic Party of Illinois. “To extremist David McSweeney Women’s Health is just another political game.” [I’m sure that Dave McSweeney considers his … Continue reading

Democrats Use National Issues to Promote Dee Beaubien’s State Rep. Campaign

The mailings from Mike Madigan’s Democratic Party of Illinois are getting stranger and stranger. One promoted windmills that anyone with a brain knows that if proposed for her home town of Barrington Hills would cause her neighbors to go ballistic. … Continue reading

McSweeney Goes after Beaubien for Saying 67% Income Tax “Fair,” Points Out “Independent” Beaubien’s Mailings Paid for by Democratic Party

After sending out about a half dozen “positive” pieces, Republican State Rep. candidate Dave McSweeney sent out a piece that arrived on September 19th that criticizes candidate Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Beaubien) for characterizing the 67% income tax hike her patron Mike … Continue reading

Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) Attacks Medicaid Fraud in Latest Mailing Financed by Illinois Democrats

Monday another mailing from “Independent” Dee Beaubien arrived in 52nd State Rep. District mailboxes. It was again financed by House Speaker Mike Madigan’s Illinois Democratic Party. This oversized post card takes on Medicaid fraud, which has been at the 10% … Continue reading

Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) Pushes Windmills in Another Democratic Party Mailing

After looking at the mailing that arrived today for Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) from the Democratic Party of Illinois, I continue to wonder if the Barrington Hills resident is suggesting that windmills should be allowed in her hometown. And, if the … Continue reading

Democrats Oppose Jack Franks’ County Executive Referendum

State Rep. Jack Franks may be the leading Democrat in McHenry County, but his support among other Democratic Party activists isn’t sufficient to get other leading Democrats to support his referendum to switch from a weak Executive to a strong … Continue reading