Ethics Committee on the Hotseat

The McHenry County Board’s Management Services Committee meeting yesterday started at 8:30 and was scheduled to end at noon, when two members said they had to leave for other meetings. The Committee heard budget presentations for three hours, then decided … Continue reading

County Public Health Committees Sets Tuesday Meeting to Recommend 708 Board Replacement

Having seen Scott Summers, their choice for the 708 Board replacement for the person who resigned to go to work for Pioneer Center, a 708 Board-funded agency, the Public Health & Human Services Committee will try again. Committee Chairman Donna … Continue reading

Thomas Wilbeck Candidacy Puts District 2 GOP in Primary Play

Out of the woodwork stepped Thomas Wilbeck of Lakewood. His unexpected entry into the Republican primary means the three incumbents and publicly-announced newcomer will have to put on real campaigns. Incumbent Scott Breeden is not running for re-election, concluding for … Continue reading

Personal PAC County Board Endorsement – An Amplification

The post I ran about pro-abortion Personal PAC’s endorsements for the McHenry County Board was incomplete. Instead of going to the Personal PAC endorsement page, I relied on the eVote web site. It is clearly unreliable, as I guess I … Continue reading