Meals for Haiti Packing Set for Sunday August 4th

The First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake is holding its second meal packing event for Haiti. Inspired by the tremendous community outpouring headed up by the Salvation Army in 2007 when 780,000 meals were packed by hundreds of community … Continue reading

Should Sheriff Keith Nygren Have Known that Retaliatory Action Based on Deputy Scott Milliman’s Deposition Testimony Was Unconstitutional?

That headline pretty much summarizes the final question Federal Judge Frederick Kapala had to decide in whether or not to dismiss former McHenry County Sheriff Deputy Scott Milliman’s wrongful termination suit. The Judge points out it had to determine “whether … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Hands

My Grandmother Addie Watling-Skinner had a glass replication of Durer’s praying hands on her coffee table. My cousin has them now. Nothing expensive, but they probably had more significance than I realized as a youth. Today is a day that … Continue reading

The Big Bangs

University of Chicago doctoral student Tyler Natoli spoke to the United Methodist Men of the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake Saturday morning about his stay in Antarctica. He has just returned. He is part of the team that … Continue reading

Naperville Church Builder Named Incoming Pastor of Crystal Lake United Methodist Church

From the Staff-Parish Committee of Wheatland Salem Church in Naperville comes this news: Pastoral Transition for our Congregation Bishop Sally Dyck, Regional Bishop of the United Methodist Church in Northern Illinois, after consultation with the Staff-Parish Relations Committee of Wheatland … Continue reading

Lay Methodists Say Bishop’s Statement Favoring Gay Marriage Does Not Represent Church Teaching

A press release from a lay group of the Methodist Church in Northern Illinois: Bishop’s statement does not represent Church on Gay Marriage In response to United Methodist Bishop Sally Dyck’s endorsement of gay marriage, the Northern Illinois Conference Evangelical … Continue reading

New Illinois Methodist Bishop Sally Dyck Calls for Same Sex Marriage, “Good News” Group Replies

In a complete contradiction of church policy, Sally Dyck, the new Bishop of the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church has called on the Illinois Legislature to pass a bill authorizing same sex marriage. I would note there … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Methodist Church Quilt Sale This Weekend

Great place to find reasonably priced gifts, so I’ll just re-run last year’s article below. This is where I buy my $15 gifts for our Crystal Lake Kiwanis Christmas grab bag. I’ve even found items for $10. The items are … Continue reading