The Loss of Voter Power to Township Boards

The following comment was posted about township government’s consolidation of power in township boards over the years: I do not support the creation of laws that divert attention from the real problem. Townships have become targets for elimination because Springfield … Continue reading

Legislators Dissing Voters

It has happened time and time again. Uppity voters prevent elected officials from doing something they dearly desire. Or uppity voters punish elected officials and those officials don’t like it. What do the elected officials do? They ask their state … Continue reading

Chris Krug on Value of Township Government

Sunday Northwest Herald Executive Editor Chris Krug wrote of taking some heat from a reader who criticized him in a letter to his boss John Rung. In response, Krug said he was going to list the benefits of township government. … Continue reading

Grafton Township Critic Says Let Other Governments Absorb Its Functions

McHenry County Blog has some thoughtful thinkers. One has posted the comment below under the last article. Certainly people are talking about abolishing Grafton Township.   Two trustees have told me that might even favor the idea. I found one … Continue reading

The Skunk, the Meerkats and the Elephant – Part 2

“This is nothing, absolutely nothing,” Northwest Herald reporter Amber Krosel quotes newly-sworn in Grafton Township Trustee Gerry McMahon at Thursday night’s meeting. This was the same day that McMahon and his fellow trustees were given their third McHenry County Court … Continue reading

More Tom Hanahan Rememorances, This Time from his Republican State Senator, Jack Schaffer

when I saw the Chicago Tribune editorial on McHenry County’s former Democratic State Representative Tom Hanahan, I sent his and my former State Senator Jack Schaffer an email asking for his memories. It gave me two of the five belly … Continue reading

Six Write-Ins Running for Office – Part 2

There are six people who figured out sixty days before the election that they could run a write-in campaign and registered such an intention with the county clerk. That’s what a new state law requires. Two of the six write-in … Continue reading

Dan Ziller, Jr., Runs Write-In Campaign for Grafton Township Trustee

The candidates nominated in the Grafton Township Republican primary election don’t have any opposition on the ballot, but Dan Ziller, Jr., is running one of the more high profile write-in candidacies in recent memory. Early last week, there was an … Continue reading

Voter Turnout Abysmal

You’d think there was a hot primary election in Grafton Township today. There were mailing from both incumbent John Rossi and challenger Linda Moore. Both distributed literature door-to-door. Moore had made phone calls on Wednesday, Friday, Monday and today. I’d … Continue reading