All of ALAW’s Endorsed Candidates Won

The letter with the candidates endorsed by the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water was too late for the Northwest Herald’s deadline for letters. The paper of record also would not use the information as the basis for a story. … Continue reading

Only 7 Out of 27 County Board Candidates Have Not Yet Revealed Potential Conflicts of Interest

Two more county board candidates have filed their conflict of interest forms with the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water. That brings the total to 20 out of 27 candidates who have answered the ALAW questionnaire. 74%.  Pretty amazing. District … Continue reading

ALAW Conflict of Interest Idea Jumps to Crystal Lake City Government

Remember hearing about how forest fires sometimes jump fire breaks that are intended to contain them. That may have happened late last week with the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s conflict of interest ordinance. Originally presented to the McHenry … Continue reading

ALAW Endorsements

Endorsements from the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water has endorsed folks for the McHenry County Board. Here is the group’s press release: The Alliance for Land Agriculture and Water (ALAW) is pleased to recommend the following candidates for McHenry County … Continue reading

Voluntary Potential Conflict of Interest Disclosure Gains Momentum as a Campaign Issue

One of the roles McHenry County Blog plays is alerting daily newspapers of stories they otherwise might not think of. This might be one of those articles. The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water came up with an idea to … Continue reading

Green Party Will Field McHenry County Board Candidate in District 5

Confirmation has been received that Woodstock’s Frank Wedig will again run for the McHenry County Board in District 5. That district covers Dorr Township, which covers most of Woodstock and Bull Valley, plus the eastern part of Grafton Township, including … Continue reading

Frank Wedig Going Door-to-Door in Quest for Dorr Township Trustee

Green Party candidate for Dorr Township Trustee Frank Wedig is knocking on doors in his second attempt to become the first Green Party member elected to office in McHenry County while being identified as such on the ballot. The first … Continue reading