McHenry County Slot Machine Gambling Loses

With the Crystal Lake City Council again being courted by local liquor serving establishments for permission to install slot machines, the Illinois Church Action on Alcohol & Addiction Problems organization sent me gambling losses from December, 2014, though May, 2014. … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Bars Planning Another Attempt to Get Slot Machines

Twice the Crystal Lake City Council was approached by bar and restaurant owners requesting permission to have slot machines, which they call “video poker machines”, in their establishments. The last time Suds R Us on Route 176 right before Route … Continue reading

Slots That Aren’t Defined as Slots Might Be Coming Our Way

The new slot machine legislation going into effect on New Year’s Day goes under the label of “sweepstakes.” The Tribune’s Joseph Ryan has written a major story on what most legislators probably thought was a  minor bill. Let’s test that … Continue reading

Slot Machine Supporters Roll Snake Eyes in Crystal Lake…Again

Crystal Lake last considered allowing slot machines (euphemistically called “video gaming” by supporters) in Crystal Lake in May, 2012. The vote was 6-1 in opposition with only Ellen Brady-Mueller supporting allowing them. Local bar and restaurant owners advanced the issue … Continue reading

Newspaper Columnist Points Out Video Gambling Equals Nine New Casinos

Southtown columnist Phil Kadner took a look at the slot machines, euphemistically called video gambling, and found that they are the equivalent of nine new casinos. Lots of money that won’t be spent on goods and services will be spent … Continue reading

Mike Tryon, Pam Althoff & Karen McConnaughay Cast More Votes for Gambling Expansion Bills Than Other Legislators Representing McHenry County

For the last week and a half, McHenry County Blog described gambling expansion bills that passed the Illinois General Assembly, plus the bill that would allow four new casinos (Chicago, Rockford, Waukegan-area and Danville), which passed only the State Senate. … Continue reading

Internet Gambling on Horse Racing Approved after Pilot Program Lapses

This article started with a press release from the Illinois Church Action Council on Alcohol and Addiction. There are so many bills expanding gambling (despite the loss of the one to give Chicago, Danville, Rockford and the Waukegan-area casinos) that … Continue reading