Emails Belie Andy Zinke’s Claim to No Role in Prosecution of State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi

Is there a new and reformed Andy Zinke? The Northwest Herald does the public service of asking candidates for major office to reply to questionnaires. This question was interesting: “The sheriff’s office in recent years has been beset by acrimony … Continue reading

Backdooring Sheriff Nygren’s Replacement – Part 1

Remember in history classes how the professor told you that the conspiratorial theory of history was bunk. I’m willing to guess the Oberlin College prof that told us students that didn’t know much about Illinois politics. Having seen what appeared … Continue reading

Anatomy of the Special Prosecutor’s Lou Bianchi Case from Sept. thru Nov., 2010

Remember when I typed out the details of the legal bills from Ancel Glink, Grafton Township’s attorney which Judge Michael Caldwell dismissed at Supervisor Linda Moore’s request? I thought it might be instructive to do the same for Quest International, … Continue reading

McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Retirements

In response to a Freedom of Information request the Sheriff’s Office has provided a list of retirements since 2008. Pay levels were also included. There aren’t too many in 2008 and 2009.  Take a look below for those folks: It’s … Continue reading

Zane Seipler’s Thoughts on Sheriff Keith Nygren’s Selection of Andy Zinke as Undersheriff

Zane Seipler, who challenged Sheriff Keith Nygren for McHenry County Sheriff in the Republican primary election, but lost, has continued commenting on activities concerning the Sheriff’s Department on his blog McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Exposed. Today, he has published an … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Police Statement on Suspected South School Theft

The following was received from Deputy Chief Gene Lowery of the Crystal Lake Police Department: The Crystal lake Police Department was notified by Community High School District 155 of a suspected misappropriation or theft of funds from South High School.  … Continue reading

Party Scheduled for Retiring Undersheriff Gene Lowery

McHenry County Undersheriff Gene Lowery, the man selected by Crystal Lake to be its new deputy police chief, will be honored at a retirement party in Union April 9th. The details, obtained from the McHenry County Republican Central Committee, are … Continue reading

Gene Lowery – From Under Sheriff to Deputy Chief

The rumor during the primary campaign for sheriff was the Keith Nygren would win another term, but not serve it. His replacement would be Under Sheriff Gene Lowery. After the primary, the rumors started circulating that Lowery would be named … Continue reading