Parks and Land Use Probed by 8,000 Household Questionnaire

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog showed the questions being asked 8,000 households about desires and improvements wanted locally. The survey is entitled, “McHenry County Healthy Communities 2010.” Today, we’ll move on the a rating of park/recreation services, something called “local community … Continue reading

New Signs on Fleming Road

The daffodils are up in Bull Valley and the Fleming Road preservationists have posted new signs. The best sign has been planted among the daffodils that the village gardeners have planted over the years and which makes a scenic drive … Continue reading

A-LAW Questionnaire for County Board Candidates

You read what the Woodstock Independent, the Northwest Herald and the Daily Herald want to know about and from candidates. Here’s what the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water are interested in learning about those running for the McHenry County … Continue reading

The Ridgefield Metra Deal

There’s nothing wrong with Northwest Herald reporter Kevin Craver’s front page article about Metra’s board voting to purchase McHenry County Board Chairman’s property in Ridgefield. It contains much of the same information in these McHenry County Blog articles (listed in … Continue reading