Update on Teachers Negotiations in Huntley School District 158

A press release from the Huntley School Board: Teacher Negotiations Update from the Board of Education of Consolidated School District 158 ALGONQUIN, IL – The District 158 Board of Education (Board) has received notice that the Huntley Education Association (HEA) … Continue reading

Huntley Teachers Reject Contract

District 158 teachers have rejected the contract terms offered by the District 158 School Board. Here’s what’s in a joint Huntley Education Association-School Board press release: Negotiation Update from District 158 Board of Education and Huntley Education Association ALGONQUIN, IL … Continue reading

Huntley School District Board & Teachers Join District 300 in Asking for a Mediator

A press release from Huntley School District 158 and its teachers’ union: A Joint Press Release from the Board of Education of Consolidated School District 158 and the Huntley Education Association ALGONQUIN, IL – The District 158 administration and the … Continue reading

District 158 and Huntley Education Association Reach Agreement

In what is labeled a “Joint Press Release,” the Huntley School Board and teachers union announce agreement has been reached on a one-year teachers’ contract. Algonquin, IL – After a collaborative and constructive process, the Board of Education of Consolidated … Continue reading

Might Mike Skala Run for State Representative?

Huntley School Board President certainly has an interest in the legislative process. Just look at the agenda for the District 158 Committee of the Whole meeting coming up June 9th: Skala is the Chairman of the Legislative Committee and giving … Continue reading

Huntley School Teacher Contract Views – Then and Now

These comments by Huntley School District Superintendent John Burkey in the First Electric Newspaper stirred my memory: “Last year I was amazed that we avoided it,” said Supt. John Burkey. “This year it just caught up with us.” He slammed … Continue reading

Huntley Teachers Want Guaranteed Higher Raises at Careers’ End to Boost Pensions

For years Huntley teachers have wanted guaranteed maximum raises if they decide to plan on taking early retirement or retirement that is officially planned years ahead of time. Their union was asking for a guaranteed 6% increase for each of … Continue reading

Huntley Has Two Meetings with Teachers Union; Nobody Can Remember When

How credible is it for a school district to have two meetings with its teachers union and no one can officially remember when either one was? Huntley’s answer was it can’t recall. Administration does recall that it wasn’t at the … Continue reading