Sheriff Loses Freedom of Information Appeal about SWAT Training for Eric Woods

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Department has lost an April 29, 2010, appeal filed by McHenry County Blog to obtain SWAT training records for Deputy Eric Woods. Under the decision, received yesterday from Assistant Public Access Counselor Matthew C. Rogina, the … Continue reading

Attorney General Rules McHenry County College May Reveal Walt Packard Percformance Evaluation

The stalling tactics of McHenry County College didn’t work. You may remember that I filed a Freedom of Information request for the performance evaluations of ex-President Walt Packard. You remember him. The one sent packing Feb. 26, 2009 with no … Continue reading

District 155 Freedom of Information Act Appeal – Round 2

In my quest to find out more about what the Crystal Lake Police reported about “…a suspected misappropriation or theft of funds from South High School,” I filed a Freedom of Information Request with District 155 requesting request to provide … Continue reading

McHenry County Blog Wins Freedom of Information Appeal against CL High School District 155

It is so delightful to have some referee other than circuit court for Freedom of Information request appeals. I never appealed to circuit court. I figure I’ve spent enough time in McHenry County courtrooms to last a life time during … Continue reading

Grafton Township “To the Back of the Room” Photographers Motion

Here is the video that David Moore took of Grafton Township Trustee Betty Zirk making a motion to require all photographs, video recordings and tape recordings to be taken from the back of the room. It is Section 14 of … Continue reading

Attorney General Probing Grafton Township Trustees’ “Back of the Room” Instruction for Photographers and Anyone Videoing or Tape Recording Meetings

After three Grafton Township Trustees passed a motion (Supervisor Linda Moore voting, “No”) to restrict me to the back of the room with my camera, not to mention Moore’s husband David, who unobtrusively videos the meeting from the front row, … Continue reading

Getting Lisa Madigan One Step Closer to the Executive Mansion

So many ideas to share, so little time. When I heard that House Speaker Mike Madigan was proposing doing away with the office of lieutenant governor, my first thought was the he was setting up his daughter Lisa, now Attorney … Continue reading

Zane Seipler Request for Special Prosecutor Postponed Until After the Election

With the recusal of Judge Michael Caldwell from the case resulting from GOP primary candidate Zane Seipler’s requesting a special prosecutor to look into the alleged use of taxpayer money and resources to advance the campaign of McHenry County Sheriff … Continue reading

Primer for Public Officials on Open Meetings & Freedom of Information Acts at MCC Thursday Night

Just in case you are a public official who wants to obey the laws about Freedom of Information and Open Meetings and, maybe, especially, if you are one who doesn’t, a free seminar will be conducted by McHenry County State’s … Continue reading

Guidance Offered on Open Meetings and Freedom of Information Acts

The last time such a briefing was held by the McHenry County State’s Attorney Office, the board most in need of hearing the advice, not to mention following the law, the McHenry County College Board board was meeting at the … Continue reading