Tax Deductable Money Finances Kane County Forest Preserve Referendum

A referendum is on the ballot in Kane County to borrow $50 million to finance the purchase of land for the Kane County Forest Preserve District. Committees have to file with the State Board of Elections when they raise or … Continue reading

Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 21

Thanks to commenter Mark for this angle on State Rep. Jack Franks continued refusal to remove his name from the ballot for a tenth term as State Representative while, at the same time, running for McHenry County Board Chairman: As … Continue reading

Voting, Communications Problems Cited by State Board of Elections

The following memo is from the State Board of Elections employee tasked to take a look at the conduct of the primary elections by McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellen. The investigation was requested by State Rep. David McSweeney. I visited … Continue reading

McSweeney Calls for Investigation of McHenry County Clerk’s Office

Here is a letter that State Rep. David McSweeney has sent to the Chairman of the Illinois State Board of Elections about Mary McClellan’s conduct of the Primary Elections: Charles Scholz Chairman of the Illinois State Board of Elections Charles: … Continue reading

Judge Cowlin Hit with Campaign Literature Lack of ID Complaint

Steve Reick discovered two years ago that campaign pieces must tell who paid for it. One of his opponent State Rep. Jack Franks’ supporters complained that Reick’s billboard did not give that information. In the next billboard, Rieck put what … Continue reading

Hearing Examiner’s Recommendation on Dems Challenge of Steve Reick’s Petitions

In the very worst way Democrats working in the interests of State Rep. Jack Franks didn’t want Republican Steve Reick on the fall ballot. They wanted going on 18-year incumbent Jack Franks to have no serious opponent. They gathered signatures … Continue reading

“How’s That Jack Franks?”

Presumed allies of State Rep. Jack Franks have made a couple of complaints about several of opponent Steve Reick’s campaign pieces not bearing the name of his political committee’s name. That has wasted Reick’s time by making him go to … Continue reading

Reapportionment Constitutional Convention Petition

Circulators of the petition to change the way the Illinois General Assembly is apportioned are complaining that they are not getting a fair deal from the Illinois State Board of Elections. The Chicago Tribune editorial yesterday points to radically desperate … Continue reading

Cook County Voting Machines Not Certified by State Board of Elections

A press release from Sharon Meroni’s Defend the Vote: Illegal and Uncertified Voting Systems in Chicago and Suburban Cook County Defend the Vote has recently uncovered startling evidence that proves the voting systems used in Chicago and Suburban Cook County … Continue reading

Courts Force Disclosure of Tax Dollars Spent to Pass Northfield Township High School Referendum–$60,000 in 2006, Passed by 241 Votes

Here is a press release explaining the successful conclusion–from a taxpayer’s point of view–of a suit to stop taxeating local governments from promoting their tax increase referendums.  Although it did not originate in McHenry County, it will affect school districts, … Continue reading

Decision by State Board of Elections Putting Dee Beaubien on Ballot, McSweeney to Appeal

Here’s the decision rendered Friday that puts Independent Dee Beaubien on the ballot against Republican primary election winner Dave McSweeney in the 52nd District: DECISION The State Board of Elections, sitting as the duly constituted State Officers Electoral Board pursuant … Continue reading

Dave McSweeney to Appeal State Board of Elections’ Decision to Put Kent Gaffney on the Ballot

A press release from State Rep. candidate Dave McSweeney: Illinois State Board of Elections Invalidates 38% of Gaffney Petition Signatures Barrington Township: The Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBE) decision today regarding my objection to Representative Kent Gaffney’s petitions was … Continue reading

Zinke Campaign Disclosue Due for Do-Over

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog told  readers of the money reported by McHenry County Undersheriff Andy Zinke to the Illinois State Board of Elections. Over $8,000 raised. But, there’s a problem. The Election Code requires that Political Action Committees with that … Continue reading

How to Question a Candidate’s Residency

A little while ago, Green Party Sheriff’s candidate Gus Philpott sent out the press release at the bottom of this article. It questioned Sheriff Keith Nygren’s eligibility to be on the ballot. I knew that such a challenge was too … Continue reading

Back to Thrilling CTA Days of Yesteryear

Didn’t the “Lone Ranger” television show start with something like that? When the extension of the CTA from Jefferson Park to O’Hare was being considered, it was right after the Regional Transportation Authority was shoved down the throats of suburbanites. … Continue reading