Another Less than Subtle Reminder from the Federal Government Not to Cheat on Your Income Taxes

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: CHICAGO LEADER OF ROMANIAN-BASED CONSPIRACY THAT OBTAINED $1.6 MILLION IN FALSE TAX REFUNDS SENTENCED TO 85 MONTHS IN PRISON CHICAGO — The leader in Chicago of a Romanian-based international conspiracy to fraudulently … Continue reading

Ex-Chicago Bear & Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy/Referee Indicted on Income Tax Charges

It must be income tax preparation time, as one can see from this press release from the US. Attorney’s Office: FORMER CHICAGO BEARS PLAYER AND COOK COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPUTY CHARGED SEPARATELY WITH FAILING TO FILE FEDERAL TAX RETURNS CHICAGO — … Continue reading

Consumer Benefit Services Owners Charged with $22 Million Tax Evasion

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: TWO OWNERS OF NAPERVILLE BUSINESS CHARGED WITH FAILING TO REPORT A TOTAL OF MORE THAN $22 MILLION IN INCOME THEY SHARED CHICAGO — Two owners and executives of a Naperville business that … Continue reading

Blagojevich/Jesse Jackson, Jr., Fundraiser Indicted for Bribes/Kickbacks to Physicians for Referrals to Surgery Centers Characterized as Ad Expenses

Four years after his 2008 interview, a physician was indicted for income tax evasion and mail fraud according to the following press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The Chicago Tribune explains his connection to our crooked former Governor Rod … Continue reading