All County Board Candidates in Southeastern McHenry County Board Districts Oppose Jack Franks’ Consolidation of Power Referendum

Clint Eastwood handled one empty chair at the Republican National Convention. Had he attended the candidate’s night for County Board Districts 1, 2 and 3 Wednesday at McHenry County College, he would have had to deal with four of them. … Continue reading

McHenry County Board Members May Have Signaled Intention to “Tax to the Max” Again

Getting as much money out of taxpayers is pretty much the goal of every tax district official, from school board member to township trustee. To do that, boards need to ask for more than the increase in the Cost of … Continue reading

Bob Anderson Wins One – County Board Puts Anti-Double-Dipping Referendum on Ballot

Wonder Lake activist-barber Bob Anderson got a referendum on the November without having to go door-to-door. The question was on an issue upon which Governor Pat Quinn built his political career. Until he had to depend upon double-dippers to advance … Continue reading

County Board Decides Not to Muddy Jack Franks’ County Czar Waters

There was a long debate over whether the County Board should put a referendum on the fall ballot asking voters is they wanted to elect the County Board Chairman in an at-large election. Before that several citizens provided input. District … Continue reading

County Board Set to Tack Another $475,000 on Budget

On March 27, McHenry County’s Finance and Audit Committee discussed emergency appropriations: a pair of contracts for the Planning and Development Department – one for a computer program for their Permitting System and another for their Digital Plan Review in … Continue reading

Incumbents, plus Carolyn Schofield Leading in District 2 County Board Race

With almost 16% of the GOP primary votes counted in McHenry County Board District 2, all three incumbents are heading toward re-election. In addition, Crystal Lake City Councilwoman Carolyn Schofield is filling the fourth spot. Challenger Tom Wilbeck, who ran … Continue reading

ALAW Makes 14 McHenry County Board Endorsements

The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water has issued its recommendations for the McHenry County Board.  McHenry County Blog is in the process of publishing all of the candidate questionnaires that were turned in.  Not all candidates chose to do … Continue reading

Northwest Herald Turns Up the Heat on Three Crystal Lake County Board Members Who Voted to Maximize Tax Bill

In a wrap-up article about the District 2 McHenry County Board contest in the Republican Party primary, Kevin Craver focused on a significant difference between the three incumbents running for re-election and challengers Tom Wilbeck and Carolyn Schofield. The incumbents, … Continue reading

Northwest Herald Recommends Dumping Two Who Took Part in Secret Reapportionment Meetings

Endorsements take a lot of work.  That’s probably the real reason that the Chicago Sun-Times decided not to do them this year. Today, the Northwest Herald rolled out its favorites for McHenry County Board Districts 2 and 3. There are … Continue reading