Twelve Seek Metra Board Appointment

The following seek to succeed former State Senator Jack Schaffer on the Metra Board. It’s a paying position–$15,000 per year–but not exempt from political heat. Dennis Adams, McHenry, former McHenry County College Board member, McHenry alderman and candidate for Mayor, … Continue reading

Jack Franks’ County Executive Referendum Tanking in Two Crystal Lake Precincts, Jim Roden Carries Home Precinct by One Vote

There are two precincts who vote at the Crystal Lake Park Districts Main Beach House–Algonquin 7 and Algonquin 19. Let’s start at the top of the ticket, knowing that the results do not include 86 absentee and early votes. Neither … Continue reading

All County Board Candidates in Southeastern McHenry County Board Districts Oppose Jack Franks’ Consolidation of Power Referendum

Clint Eastwood handled one empty chair at the Republican National Convention. Had he attended the candidate’s night for County Board Districts 1, 2 and 3 Wednesday at McHenry County College, he would have had to deal with four of them. … Continue reading

Jim Roden Says Ken Koehler Conflict of Interest Waiver Is One Reason He’s Running for County Board

Commenting on the McHenry County Board’s decision to send a conflict of interest waiver to the Federal government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development, District 2 Democrat Jim Roden made the following comments: “I can’t believe what just happened. “17 … Continue reading

Jack Franks Now Free to Help Democrats Running for the McHenry County Board

Still thinking about the implications of the McHenry County GOP interview committee’s decision to reject Tonya Franklin’s offer to run a high energy campaign against 7-term incumbent Democrat Jack Franks. Today Jack Franks is sighing a big “Whew.” The reason? … Continue reading

Jim Roden Answers ALAW’s McHenry County Board Questionnaire

District 2 Democratic Party McHenry County Board candidate Jim Roden answers the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water Questionnaire below. He entered the public arena when he sent a letter about the Ridgefield Train Station to the new Metra Executive … Continue reading