Johnsburg Parade – Including Pol Report – 4

We move on to one of the larger and certainly most impressive political candidate entry in the Johnsburg Saufen und Spiel Parade today. It was upon me before I realized it was coming, as you can see from the first … Continue reading

Johnsburg Parade – Including Pol Report – 3

This third installment of Johnsburg’s Saufen und Spiel Parade starts with former Congressman Joe Walsh’s effort to honor our police officers. Walsh has been doing this since at least since a Memorial Day celebration at his Mundelein home that was … Continue reading

Johnsburg Parade – Including Pol Report – 2

After the Village Officials in the Johnsburg Parade came the Johnsburg High School Marching Band. And then came the partisan politicians. State Senator Pam Althoff, running for re-election, was first. Right behind Althoff’s walkers were those for State Rep. Jack … Continue reading

Johnsburg Parade – Including Pol Report

I attend McHenry County parades because politicians use them to try to gain name identification and support. Sunday I was at Johnsburg’s Saufen und Spiel Parade. The parade route was a long one. It went from the Village Hall down … Continue reading

Republicans Invited to March in Johnsburg Parade Sunday

This is from Steve Rooney, McHenry Township Republican Chairman: [Actually, Marengo has the last parade.] SAUFEN UND SPIEL Parade in JOHNSBURG. We will line up at 11:30 at the Village Hall, look for the GIANT ELEPHANT! Many Candidates and officials … Continue reading

Comparing City & Village Tax Takes

Yesterday, we took a look at what school districts requested to be collected last year and this year. Today we’ll look at municipalities. A number of McHenry County municipalities overlap into adjacent counties. If you see “McH only,” that is … Continue reading

Rauner Has Two McHenry County Appearances Wednesday

From Governor Bruce Rauner’s schedule: What: Governor Discusses Turnaround Agenda with McHenry County Elected Officials Where: Woodstock Opera House, 121 E. Van Buren, Woodstock Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2015 Time: 8:45 a.m. What: Governor Visits Johnsburg High School on Illinois Turnaround … Continue reading

Candidates for McHenry County Cities and Villages

I’ve finally pinned down all who are running for municipal office in cities and villages having all or part of their boundaries within McHenry County. The names have been listed in ballot order.  That makes little difference unless there are … Continue reading

Filings for Municipal Office

Here’s my best effort to find out who filed for village and city offices in McHenry County’s thirty municipalities. Most who didn’t file last week probably waited until late Monday afternoon. Why? Best place on the ballot is first.  With … Continue reading

Banker Jack Franks Takes Heat in Johnsburg

A group called “Citizens for Fiscal Fairness” has unleashed a press release aimed at Johnsburg State Bank Chairman and attorney Jack Franks, who just happens to be on the ballot running against Republican Steve Reick on the Tuesday after next. … Continue reading

NWH Endorses Jack Franks for State Rep., Name Not Mentioned in Johnsburg Bank Story

To no one’s surprise the Northwest Herald has endorsed incumbent Democrat Jack Franks for re-election to a ninth term as State Representative. No mention that he has long ago broken his three term limit pledge of 1998. However, Republican opponent … Continue reading

Jack Franks’ Johnsburg Bank Stiffs Subdivision

A press release from the Village of Johnsburg: PLEA FROM WHISPERING RIDGE HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATION TO THE VILLAGE OF JOHNSBURG The President of the Whispering Ridge Homeowner’s Association has asked the Village for assistance in compelling the State Bank to complete … Continue reading

Politicians in the Johnsburg Parade

With the new roundabout in Downtown Johnsburg, I parked north of the Community Club and walked toward the refreshment area. The first sign of politics was a Steve Reick sign on the back of a big red pickup. At the … Continue reading