Ex-Area Democratic Party State Rep. Pleads to Child Pornography Charge

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: FORMER ILLINOIS STATE REP. KEITH FARNHAM PLEADS GUILTY TO TRANSPORTING CHILD PORNOGRAPHY CHICAGO — Former Illinois State Rep. KEITH FARNHAM pleaded guilty today to a federal charge of transporting child pornography via … Continue reading

Indictment of Former Elgin Democratic Party State Rep. on Child Porn Counts

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: FORMER ILLINOIS STATE REP. KEITH FARNHAM INDICTED FOR ALLEGEDLY POSSESSING, RECEIVING, AND TRANSPORTING CHILD PORNOGRPHY CHICAGO ― A federal grand jury returned a four-count indictment charging former Illinois State Rep. KEITH FARNHAM … Continue reading

District 300 Reminds of Legislative Forum Tonight at Jacobs High School

A note from District 300’s Allison Strupeck: This is a reminder that the D300 Legislative Reception is tonight (Jan. 22) in the commons area of Jacobs High School (2601 Bunker Hill Dr, Algonquin), as hosted by the D300 Board Legislative … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Volunteer

All political candidates are looking for volunteers at this time in the election cycle. Yesterday, McHenry County Blog showed you a photo of one working for Lori McConville for County Board. She’s the Democrat running against incumbent Barb Wheeler and … Continue reading

Legislators Dissing Voters

It has happened time and time again. Uppity voters prevent elected officials from doing something they dearly desire. Or uppity voters punish elected officials and those officials don’t like it. What do the elected officials do? They ask their state … Continue reading

Minority-Dominated, Failing Elgin School District U-46 Could Gain $10 Million a Year from SB 2283 , Will Mike Madigan Call It?

Elgin has the second largest Illinois school district. In the 1970’s I used to represent it. Today it has the distinction of having all five of its high schools in failure mode. And because of an overlapping tax district problem … Continue reading

Eric Willard, an Entrepreneurial District 300 Employee

Maybe I should have entitled this “Another Entrepreneurial Employee” since I wrote a little while ago about Carpentersville District 300 energy czar David Ulm’s efforts to explore using windmills to offset electric costs. After the District 300 legislative meeting during … Continue reading