Family PAC Cruise Features Allen West

During the two years after the Tea Party election of 2010, two spokesmen arose. One was McHenry County Congressman Joe Walsh. (His wife Helene was present; Walsh was on his WIND talk show.) The other was southeast Florida Congressman Allen … Continue reading

Teachers Union Sends Pitch for Dillard to School Email Addresses, “Even If You’ve Never Voted Republican Before…”

The Illinois Education Association has endorsed State Senator Kirk Dillard for the Republican nomination for Governor. Champion News discovered that the IEA had made pitches to teachers at school and filed a boatload of Freedom of Information requests. I decided to … Continue reading

Dillard Gets Teacher Union Endorsements, Plus Those of Althoff & Tryon

I’ve been expecting a press release announcing that the two big teacher unions have endorsed Kirk Dillard for Governor, but none has arrived. Actually, it was a trifecta. He has been endorsed by the Illinois Teachers Association Illinois Education Associaiton … Continue reading