Parents Told by District that Cheryl Kalkirtz Already Had Special Ed Director Endorsement

The interview process for hiring a new Special Ed Director in Huntley District 158 included parents. They got to interview the final three candidates. This was after administrators conducted initial interviews, checked out candidates’ credentials and recommended three final candidates. … Continue reading

Huntley Special Ed Parents Meet with New Head of Special Ed

Last Thursday night the Huntley School District’s Parents Special Education Advisory Committee met. It was under the shadow of Huntley’s Special Education Director’s Cheryl Kalkirtz’ recent unexplained parting of the ways with District 158. Now, the district has its 3rd … Continue reading

Karen Aylward Appointed Interim Special Ed Director in Huntley School District

With Cheryl Kalkirtz no longer being Huntley School District 158’s  Director of Special Education, the question arises as to who is in charge. After I asked if Karen Aylward had been appointed Interim Director, Community Relations Coordinator Lori Woods confirmed … Continue reading

Is Huntley School District Cover-Up Unraveling? Part 1

The Huntley School District 158 Board room was packed Thursday at 7 PM. The only two empty seats were that of Board President Shawn Green and board member Kim Skaja. Skaja showed up after missing the academic spotlight and almost … Continue reading

2008 Cost of Living Up One-Tenth of One Percent, But Huntley School Administrators Get 3.1%, Administrative Staff 4%

Guess there is not a financial problem in Huntley, even though Pam Althoff’s and Mike Tryon’s bill to redress State Aid to Education problems caused by a clerical error did not pass the General Assembly. Huntley District 158 Superintendent John … Continue reading