My Precinct at 5 PM

Readers know that I am following the Lakewood Village Trustee race. In 2011, only 28 people voted and the highest number of votes received by a trustee was 19. There was no contest. In 2013, 37 people went to the … Continue reading

Message of the Day – A Calendar

The Crystal Lake Park District is using shirts issued to Main Beach employees to advertise events being held there this summer. Take a look: More detail follows: 2012 Main Beach Events (815) 459-0680 **************************************************** Friday, June 1, 3 … Continue reading

What You See from the Main Beach When Rowers Compete

Specks way out in the lake turn into people when if you watched the Greater Chicago Juniors Rowing Championships at the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach yesterday. Before I show you a series of photos of a beach view … Continue reading

McHenry County Closes Courthouse

Here’s the announcement: “All County of McHenry buildings open to the public will be closed on Wednesday, February 2, 2011.   Travel Safely. “With heavy snow, high winds and blizzard conditions anticipated for the next 24 hours, McHenry County facilities … Continue reading