Correction Time re This Article about Citizen Oversight

This article is corrected and bumped up for visibility. I misread the minutes of the Financial Advisory Committee meeting of August 2nd. It was not Huntley School District 158 Chief Financial Officer Mark Altmayer whom the minutes say advocated abolishing … Continue reading

Report on What Huntley High Students Doing After Graduation Confusing

Huntley School District 158’s number two administrator Terry Awrey issued a “Post Graduate Survey Report (Class of 2010)” on what Huntley High graduates are doing after graduation. It was addressed to Supt. John Burkey and all top administrators, including Dr. … Continue reading

Snippets from Huntley School District 158’s Board Meeting

Below are four snippets from Huntley 158’s board meeting of March 4th. If you had taken the time to listen to or be at the board meeting, you would have heard the quotes below. (My apologies for any minor discrepancies.) … Continue reading

Karen Aylward Appointed Interim Special Ed Director in Huntley School District

With Cheryl Kalkirtz no longer being Huntley School District 158’s  Director of Special Education, the question arises as to who is in charge. After I asked if Karen Aylward had been appointed Interim Director, Community Relations Coordinator Lori Woods confirmed … Continue reading

Huntley School District Financial Advisory Committee, Take 3

At one point in the Financial Advisory Committee meeting, Huntley School District Controller Altmayer tried to persuade the committee that special needs children receive $10 million  more than what comes in for special education.  (Subject addressed here.) Parents in the … Continue reading

Huntley School District’s Financial Advisory Committee, Take 2

Yesterday we left the Huntley School District’s Financial Advisory Committee meeting after talking about how stunned those attending were to find out that Special Education Director Cheryl Kalkirtz was no longer with District 158. Controller Mark Altmayer for some reason … Continue reading

Huntley School District 158 Special Ed Leaders Dropping Like Flies at a Picnic

The news last week was that Huntley School District Special Education Director Cheryl Kalkirtz was no longer with the Huntley School District. When I first asked about all emails commenting about her resignation, I was told by District 158 that … Continue reading