Who Takes Responsibility for Huntley School District’s Wrong Numbers?

No apology seems forthcoming for the pulling of financial fire alarms throughout Huntley schools and spreading the word that financial conditions were “bleak.” Officials could say, “Sorry, the financial numbers were messed up. We should have checked them. We shouldn’t … Continue reading

So, Is the Huntley School District in Financial Trouble or Not?

After a long interview with Huntley District 158 Controller Mark Altmayer, the Northwest Herald published an article about how the finances of District 158 were bleak. It was so bleak Certified Public Accountant Altmayer put on a lengthy presentation to … Continue reading

No One Takes Responsibility for $300,000 Addition Mistake in Special Education Request for Federal Stimulus Funds

You might have had a teacher or two who told you to check your work before turning it in. There are probably a few teachers in Huntley School District 158 who are either recoiling in dismay or laughing at how … Continue reading

Huntley School Administrators are No Shows at Community Outreach Meeting

Huntley district 158 posted a five-year financial plan on its web site as part of its board packet. It was up in advance of the meeting last night of the board’s Financial Advisory Committee. When advisory committee member and former … Continue reading

Is Huntley School District Cover-Up Unraveling? Part 2

Yesterday, the first half of a report was published on what happened on the special ed front at the parents advisory committee meeting and the subsequent school board meeting. What follows, concludes that report. Board member Aileen Seedorf questioned a … Continue reading

Huntley District 158 Special Ed Moms Draw Blood, Board Divided – Part 5

This is the firth and final installment of a too long article about the discussion of spending $800,000 of special ed money allocated to Huntley School District 158 this year as a result of the Federal stimulus program. The other … Continue reading

Huntley School District 158 Proposes Budget Showing Scheduled Legal Debt Obligation Not Being Paid Back

You might think a school district’s budget has to show specifically where the money is going to come from to pay for its legal debt obligations that are due in this budget year You might think in normal budgeting, state … Continue reading

Money Games in District 158 with Special Ed Money

There were apparent multiple contradictions voiced last Thursday night at District 158’s board meeting. First, Supt. John Burkey was again insisting next year’s financial picture is “bleak.” Second, six of seven board members were saying they “intended” to spend an … Continue reading