Is Huntley School District Cover-Up Unraveling? Part 2

Yesterday, the first half of a report was published on what happened on the special ed front at the parents advisory committee meeting and the subsequent school board meeting. What follows, concludes that report. Board member Aileen Seedorf questioned a … Continue reading

Huntley District 158 Special Ed Moms Draw Blood, Board Divided – Part 5

This is the firth and final installment of a too long article about the discussion of spending $800,000 of special ed money allocated to Huntley School District 158 this year as a result of the Federal stimulus program. The other … Continue reading

Huntley School District 158 Proposes Budget Showing Scheduled Legal Debt Obligation Not Being Paid Back

You might think a school district’s budget has to show specifically where the money is going to come from to pay for its legal debt obligations that are due in this budget year You might think in normal budgeting, state … Continue reading

Increasing Residents Tax Burden in Huntley District 158

Increasing borrowing costs with higher fees and interest expense was proposed Tuesday night in the Huntley District 158 board room. Mark Altmayer, the new Huntley School District’s Controller, presented his plan to do this. Instead of paying what’s owed in … Continue reading

Huntley District 158 Breaks Promise to Post Board Packet When Board Receives Theirs

Huntley School District 158 School Superintendent John Burkey promised to post the board packet information when the board receives their info. As of 1:30 this afternoon there was no board packet posted under “packet.” When you clicked the link it … Continue reading