Joe Walsh Characterizes Potential Gubernatorial Opponents, etc., on WTTW

Pretty amazing that a losing Congressional candidate would be interviewed by liberal commentator Carol Marin, but on Wednesday night, there was Joe Walsh, all alone, answering her questions on WTTW. Under the posted interview is the following explanation: “National star … Continue reading

McHenry County Lincoln Day Dinner to Feature State GOP Chairman

February 18th is the McHenry County Republican Central Committee’s Lincoln Day Dinner. There will be two speakers this year, Illinois Republican State Chairman Pat Brady and Congressman Randy Hultgren. There is a cryptic note at the bottom of the invitation … Continue reading

Hultgren Issues Bi-Partisan Press Release on Highway Funding

A press release from Congressman Randy Hultgren: Kirk, Lipinski, Hultgren Call for Extension of Surface Transportation Legislation Longer-term bipartisan bill could mobilize $100 billion in new public-private partnerships Chicago, IL – In a show of bipartisan, bi-cameral unity United States … Continue reading

Heritage Ranks Joe Walsh Number One, Plus Rank for All Other Illinois Congress Folk

Heritage Action for America, which I take to be the political action committee of the Heritage Foundation, has ranked Congressmen for the first time. Below you see some for Illinois: 93% – Joe Walsh 81% – Don Manzullo 73% – … Continue reading

Illinois GOP Congressmen Urge Obama to Abandon Move of Terrorists to Northwest Illinois

This press release explains the effort to keep Gitmo prisoners from being moved to the Thomson, Illinois, maximum security prison that Illinois hopes to sell to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The Washington representatives associated with it are U.S. Senator … Continue reading