Another Retailed Spooked by County’s Continuous Flow Intersection Plan

The letter below was sent to McHenry County Engineer Joseph Korpalski by a new retailer in the Chicago market, Art Van Furniture. Its Real Estate Manager Lee Winter indicates that his firm is not interested in locating her if a … Continue reading

Management Services Committee Considering Ethics Appointment & Purchasing

I doubt that the Management Services Committee agenda-maker intended to induce chuckles from my direction, but by considering changes in purchasing procedure and re-consideration of an appointment to the so-called “Ethics” Commission, that was the result. The Northwest Herald recently … Continue reading

The Jail Report that the Sheriff’s Department Doesn’t Want the Public to Read

Prior to the election, I filed a Freedom of Information request for the report that Joseph Summerill prepared for the Sheriff’s Office and presented to the County Board. In the comment sections of some of the following articles, many people … Continue reading

Opportunites to Enter County Public Housing Governance

The following press release tells of vacancies in various McHenry County government Housing Commission positions: The McHenry County Board is accepting applications from individuals interested in appointment to the McHENRY COUNTY HOUSING COMMISSION. Vacant positions are as follows: a representative … Continue reading

Althoff Lobbying County Board for MCCD Tax Hike Support

At the last meeting of the McHenry County Board, two resolutions of support for changing legislation that would allow for the Conservation District to sell non-referendum bonds raise its corporate tax rate 50% (with referendum approval) were tabled because they … Continue reading

Information from MCCD about Tax Cap, Building Repair Problems

More information being provided to the County Board’s Legislative and Audit Committee 8:30 AM April 10th meeting about the McHenry County Conservation District’s attempt to obtain more taxing power through the bills that State Senator Pam Althoff has introduced is … Continue reading

Pressure Remains on Naperville to Cut Pensions & Health Insurance for Part-Time Council

The Chicago Tribune continues to put pressure on the Naperville City Council to remove the fringe benefits that council members receive. This time the Chicago Tribune article is about health insurance for the $12,000 a year, part-time elected officials. The … Continue reading