Joe Alger’s Comments to the County Board

When the McHenry County Board met Tuesday, people went away talking about what Patriots United leader and, now, McHenry County Sheriff’s Commission member Joe Alger said in his public comments. He covered the committee interview when he applied and was … Continue reading

County Board Members Sound Off on Nepotism

During Public Comment at the February 17th County Board Meeting Joe Alger addressed the Board. He started off by saying that many people in the community are upset about the Clerk hiring her husband and he sees this as a … Continue reading

No Law Keeps Officials from Revealing What Happens in Secret Sessions

Illinois Leaks (Edgar County Watchdog) has an article laying out the basis for why public officials can talk about what they discuss in Executive Sessions. the title pretty much tells it all: Closed Meetings – The truth about what can … Continue reading

What County Board Wants from Springfield & Washington

On Friday, February 13th, the McHenry County Board’s Legislative Committee will consider what to ask our legislators for. The general McHenry County Legislative Policy states: Support legislation granting additional permissive authorities for counties Support legislation allowing counties to expand non-property … Continue reading

Delegating Authority to Settle Claims Up to $25,000 to County Staff

Here’s most of an interesting resolution that will be considered by the Management Services Committee Monday: WHEREAS, a delegation of authority would guide the County’s staff in their efforts to resolve claims on the County’s behalf fairly and efficiently; and … Continue reading

County Board in the “We Don’t Want Nobody Nobody Sent” Mode

At least that’s what it looks like when the Management Services Committee recommended two of the so-called Ethics Commmission members who didn’t see anything wrong with Andy Zinke’s using county property for political purposes. Since the Chairman did not reapply … Continue reading