Salary Freeze for Countywide Officials

The Human Services Committee has the setting of salaries on the agenda of its next meeting. The most important line on the memo accompanying the resolution follows: Impact on Budget (Revenue; Expenses, Fringe Benefits):  None That means the following will … Continue reading

The Endless Loop of McHenry County’s Phone Answering Message

I yearn for the days when Mrs. Vernon Kays used to answer phone in her husband’s County Clerk Ve3rnon Kays’ Office.  (For those interested, she was the lowest paid person in the office.) One could make contact with a real … Continue reading

Salary and Fringe Benefits for McHenry County Officials Elected Next Year

Here’s what McHenry County Board members will have before them about salaries that they or their successors will earn starting after next fall’s elections: A resolution calls for “compensation beginning December 2012 and fringe benefit options are hereby approved for … Continue reading

Scheduling of Court Cases

Sitting through an hour of Judge Thomas Meyer’s court proceedings before the Zane Seipler Special Prosecutor request case has convinced me that the 22nd Circuit Court Judges should hire a management consultant. Most of the hour was spent re-scheduling cases … Continue reading

County Coffers Gain $250,000 from Fine and Fee Avoiders

A press release from the State’s Attorney and Circuit Clerk: Quarter of a Million Dollars Recovered for County Louis A. Bianchi, McHenry County State’s Attorney, is pleased to announce that with the assistance of the McHenry County Circuit Clerk, Kathy … Continue reading

2007-09 Search Warrants Now Public in McHenry County

This is an interesting development. The press release is from the State’s Attorney’s Office: COURT OPENS SEALED RECORDS Louis A. Bianchi, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that hundreds of previously sealed search warrant petitions and orders (from 2007-2009) were opened … Continue reading

County Collecting Back Fines

The following press release comes from the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office about collecting fines folks have neglected to pay: STATE’S ATTORNEY’S OFFICE COLLECTS OVER 145K IN OUTSTANDING FINES AND COSTS FOR McHENRY COUNTY TAXPAYERS Louis A. Bianchi, McHenry County … Continue reading