MCC Faculty Agree on Contract, But Public Can’t See It

A press release from McHenry County College: MCC Faculty Association Ratify New Contract [April 11, 2014.Crystal Lake, IL] On April 10, 2014, the MCC Faculty Association (MCCFA) membership voted to ratify a new multi-year, full-time faculty contract that was tentatively … Continue reading

MCC Board Settles on Faculty Contract Language, But Keeps It Secret

The following press release was just received from McHenry County College: McHenry County College and MCC Faculty Association Reach Tentative Agreement [April 6, 2014.Crystal Lake, IL] On April 4, 2014, McHenry County College (MCC) and the MCC Faculty Association (MCCFA) … Continue reading

The Preliminatry Accreditation Report for MCC

After I posted excerpts, I got so many requests to see the North Central Association’s accreditation report on McHenry County College, subject to comment by MCC officials, that I put it up my back-up or overflow blog. You can read … Continue reading

Attorney General Tells McHenry County College to Release Identity Breach Numbers

A vendor for McHenry County College mistakenly sent personal identification information to other junior colleges. Advocate Medical Group admitted that over 4 million files on laptop computers containing personal information were stolen. Target admitted that 40 million of its customers … Continue reading

MCC Trustee Seeks Guidance on Tuition Hike and Infrastructure Fee

McHenry County College Board member Chris Trustee asks for input on two proposals to increase revenue. CONSTITUENT AND STUDENT INPUT WANTED – McHENRY COUNTY COLLEGE! MCC has proposed $3 per credit hour tuition increases for fiscal years 2014 and 2015. … Continue reading

Gus Philpott Asks McHenry County College Board to Follow State Law on Concealed Carry

Woodstock Advocate Editor and Concealed Carry of McHenry County Secretary Gus Philpott wrote the following letter to McHenry County College Trustees: Members of the Board of Trustees, As you consider the proposed concealed carry policy before the┬áDecember 19th┬ámeeting, may I … Continue reading

Concealed Carry Restrictions To Be Discussed by McHenry County College Board Monday

Monday, December 9 at 6:30 the Policy Committee of the McHenry County Board will discuss the following, among other topics: Sustainability Policy Creation of Concealed Carry Weapon Policy Development of New Policy on Issuing Debt Review Process for MCC Vendors … Continue reading