McHenry County Losing $21 a Day in Operating Costs by Housing Federal Detainees/Prisoners

Back at the April 17th McHenry County Board meeting, John Hammerand wondered how much the county was losing by housing Federal immigration detainees and prisoners. See “John Hammerand Wonders If the Benefits to County Outweigh the Costs of Housing Federal … Continue reading

John Hammerand Wonders If the Benefits to County Outweigh the Costs of Housing Federal Inmates

April 17th, the same day that the McHenry County Board approved slot machines throughout rural McHenry County, Wonder Lake County member John Hammerand talked about the profitability of the housing of Federal inmates at the McHenry County Jail. “We better … Continue reading

Andy Zinke Found Wearing Corrections Division Patch after Supposedly Giving Up Supervision to Avoid Hatch Act Problems

After filing a Freedom of Information Request for photos of Keith Nygren’s chosen successor, Andy Zinke, I got a couple of photos in which you might be interested. One was dated July 5, 2012. It was of the swearing in … Continue reading

Jim Harrison Lays Out the Evidence that Andy Zinke Violated the Hatch Act – Part 3

This is another part of the long letter that Jim Harrison, the Republican primary candidate for Sheriff challenging Undersheriff Andy Zinke filed to challenge the March 19 finding by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Special Counsel’s determination that … Continue reading

Keith Nygren Changes Sheriff’s Department Organization Chart

A week ago I wrote an article asking whether the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department had a Federal Hatch Act problem. If you need to get up to speed, you can find it here. The Hatch Act says a person under … Continue reading

Does the Sheriff’s Department Have Hatch Act Problems?

As a former Federal employee (Budget Examiner) for the United States Bureau of the Budget, I know a little bit about the Hatch Act. It was the statute that forced me to resign my Civil Service job in the Executive … Continue reading

Sheriff’s Web Site Massively Improved

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office and the County’s IT Department deserve a hefty “at-a-boy” for the web site update. Sheriff Keith Nygren and Undersheriff Andrew Zinke are featured on the masthead of the opening web page. For the first time, … Continue reading

Blago’s Chief of Staff John Harris Follows in Footsteps of Eugene Debs in Being Incarcerated at McHenry County Jail

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich’s Chief of Staff John Harris will serve his ten days behind bars at the McHenry County Jail. The Robinson Library has this about Eugene Debs’ time in Woodstock: “When Debs and other … Continue reading