County Gets Federal $625,000 Teen Drug Education Grant

A press release from McHenry County: Office of National Drug Control Policy Awards $125,000 to McHenry County SAC The McHenry County Substance Abuse Coalition (SAC), in collaboration with the McHenry County Regional Office of Education, has been awarded a 5 … Continue reading

County Supt. of Schools Urges Woodstock Police Monitoring to Protect Children

This comment from Regional Superintendent of Schools Leslie Schermerhorn appeared under the story about the stabbing in Woodstock: This incident occurred near three Woodstock schools. My guess is the stabbing was drug related. Children walk by this area every day, … Continue reading

Leslie Schermerhorn Gets McHenry County Board Committee Recommendation for Regional Superintendent of Schools

Among topics Leslie Schermerhorn introduced herself to the Public Health and Human Services Committee this morning. As McHenry County Blog readers learned exclusively nine days ago, Leslie Schermerhorn qualifies under the stringent educational and professional requirements set by law. The … Continue reading

Leslie Schermerhorn, Retired Judge’s Daughter, Candidate for Regional Supterintendent of Education Post

Friday, April 13, the McHenry County Public Health and Human Services Committee will be interviewing the Leslie A. Schermerhorn of Woodstock for the post of Regional Superintendent of Schools. The candidate, who would be appointed by the County Board to … Continue reading

The Democrats Chance to Crack the McHenry County Courthouse

The Republicans who run McHenry County seem to be having some trouble finding a person to fill the slot for Regional Superintendent of Schools. The requirements are way too strict, having been designed by the Illinois Education Association and adopted … Continue reading

Regional Superintendent of Schools on Ballot in 2012

The Regional Superintendent of Schools elected on an unopposed ballot in 2010 resigned when the salary was cut. It will be to fill out the remaining two years of the term that started July 1st. About a dozen people applied … Continue reading

Ten Applicants for McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Education Before Word Got Out There Was No Money for Salaries in State Budget

Here’s the list I received in response to my Freedom of Information request for the names of those who have applied to become the McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools. You may remember when it became clear that Governor Pat … Continue reading

Regional Superintendent of Schools Story from State Angle

The Northwest Herald’s Kevin Craver broke the story that the current and incoming McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools are resigning, apparently because their salaries, hence, their pension base will probably be cut soon. Current Supt. Gene Goeglein gets paid … Continue reading

Joe Williams Quoted in State Board of Education Article on Home Schooling

Future McHenry County Regional Superintendent of School Joe Williams is quoted in an article on Home Schooling published by the Illinois State Board of Election. Here’s his two paragraphs: “Joe Williams, ROE #44 assistant superintendent in McHenry County and also … Continue reading