Animal Control – The Privatization Option

With McHenry County animal control employees not willing to accept the county’s offer, perhaps it is time to take a page out of Chicago’s book. Its Inspector General Joe Ferguson has suggested its animal control operation be privatized. Now, I … Continue reading

Lawrence County Voters Approve County School Sales Tax Hike

In Southeastern Illinois lies the County of Lawrence. I subscribe to the Sumner Press and saw the ad you see below: The required referendum passed 1,557 to 1,385, according to Daily Record. Money collected from the new tax will be … Continue reading

Remembering the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax Now that County Board Members Are Up for Election

Now that the primary election is but a week away, I’m going to give you a chance to read my article on the McHenry County Board’s 2007 defeat of the Republican Cat Tax. The folks running for re-election (or, in … Continue reading