Sheriff’s Department’s Business Manager Uses County-Owned Car to Commute To and From Winnebago County

Having been told that the Business Manager for the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department was provided a taxpayer-owned car to commute to and from her home north of Rockford, I asked some questions. In a reply to a Freedom of Information … Continue reading

Bianchi to Represent Nygren in Zinke Exoneration Freedom of Information Case

That was my takeaway from the hearing in Judge Thomas Meyer’s courtroom today. To put it in terms contained in the law book and an Illinois Supreme Court ruling, the lawyer for the Sheriff’s Department is the State’s Attorney. The … Continue reading

Former Deputy Scott Milliman’s Case against McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren

Crystal Lake’s Scott Milliman wasn’t happy at all that McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren fired him for testifying under oath in former (new re-hired) Deputy Zane Seipler’s wrongful termination suit. Milliman, contends in a May 29th filing: Excessive force [is] … Continue reading

Newt Gingrich Featured in Bill Prim Sheriff Fund Raiser

A press release from Bill Prim, one of three 2014 candidates for the Republican nomination for Sheriff to replace retiring Keith Nygren. The other two are Jim Harrison and Andy Zinke. NEWT AND CALLISTA GINGRICH TO HEADLINE BILL PRIM FUND-RAISER … Continue reading

Source Document – Zane Seipler’s Argument that His Case Shouldn’t Be Dismissed for Contempt of Court

A bit more than a month ago Rockford Federal Judge Frederick Kapala gave McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren’s attorney James Sotos and re-instated Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler (who had the audacity to challenge Nygren in the GOP primary after being … Continue reading

Mystery Sheriff’s Department Exposé Blogger Identified as Zane Seipler’s Wife Rose Seipler

In Zane Seipler’s Federal wrongful termination suit, Sheriff Keith Nygren’s attorney, James Sotos, is attempting to gain dismissal because of the posting of confidential case documents from Zane’s home computer. His reasoning is that Seipler deliberately released documents (see them … Continue reading

Point, Counter Point – Sotos, Horwitz Both Request Sanctions – Part 4

Today, we move to the fourth installment on the motion filed by former Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s lawyer Blake Horwitz requesting sanctions against McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren for releasing confidential information. This is occurring in Seipler’s Federal wrongful termination … Continue reading

Handcuffed Trespasser, First Identified as Burglar, Captured by CL Police

From the Crystal Lake Police Department: Last night James R Henson escaped from McHenry County Sheriff’s custody while in transport near the area of Terra Cotta Ave at Hillside in Crystal Lake. The subject was taken into custody this morning … Continue reading

Backdooring Sheriff Nygren’s Replacement – Part 4

So what happens if McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren does not quit before it’s too late to put someone on the ballot for the fall 2012 election (before filing begins, during filing or while the GOP Precinct Committeemen still have … Continue reading