MCC Trustee Applicants Being Interviewed Revealed

Tonight’s the night when the six McHenry County College Trustees are interviewing applicants for the board vacancy created when Tom Wilbeck, elected a bit over two years ago, resigned due to moving a little bit out of the district. The … Continue reading

Molly Walsh, Tom Wilbeck and Chris Jenner Appear to Have Won McHenry County College Seats, Major Transfusion of New Blood

With almost all the votes cast in person totaled in McHenry County and reports in from Kane and Lake Counties, it appears that the McHenry County College Board is due for a major transfusion of new blood. Molly Walsh, a … Continue reading

Chris Jenner and Tom Wilbeck’s McHenry County College Handout

Continuing on my effort to post literature from candidates, here is what MCC Board candidates Tom Wilbeck and Chris Jenner are distributing. Those wishing some to hand out may email [email protected]¬†or [email protected]Continue reading

Northwest Herald Adds Chris Jenner to Endorsed MCC Candidates, Now Four Endorsed for Three Seats

Last week, the Northwest Herald was set to endorse Chris Jenner for the McHenry County College Board. But he was sued, along with Eric Sivertsen, by the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office in attempt to knock them off the ballot. … Continue reading

MCC Teachers and Staff Union PAC Endorse MCC Foundation Pres. Mike Smith, Retired College Employee Molly Walsh and Teacher Union Official Arne Waltmire

An email from the Political Action Committee of McHenry County College employees that was sent to Chris Jenner, candidate for the MCC Board: Dear Chris, Thank you very much for coming to the interview with McHenry County College Faculty and … Continue reading

Eight MCC Candidates Face Public, Incumbent Barbara Walters Doesn’t

Eight of the nine candidates for the McHenry County Board showed up to face a small fraction of the public at the MCC auditorium Monday night. There were Scott Alford Chris Jenner Carol Larson Erik Sivertsen Mike Smith Molly Walsh … Continue reading

Mike Smith Running for MCC Board

A press release from McHenry County College Board candidate Mike Smith is below, but let me remind candidates that if they would like to share their thoughts and/or background, such information should be emailed to [email protected] Mike Smith Running for … Continue reading