County Board Cancels Conservation District Tax Hike Resolution Meeting Taking County Board Off Tax Hike Hot Seat

There was not enough support in the McHenry County Board’s Legislative and Audit Committee meeting the last time two resolutions supporting Conservation District ┬átax hike were offered by persons unknown. The legislation, sponsored by State Senators Pam Althoff and Karen … Continue reading

Althoff Passed Bill for Conservation District to Sell Non-Referendum Bonds 48-0

The following new language in Senate Bill 3341 passed 48-0. It was sponsored by State Senators Pam Althoff and Karen McConnaughay. 7 (b-5) For the purpose of development of real property, all 8 or a portion of which has been … Continue reading

Althoff Lobbying County Board for MCCD Tax Hike Support

At the last meeting of the McHenry County Board, two resolutions of support for changing legislation that would allow for the Conservation District to sell non-referendum bonds raise its corporate tax rate 50% (with referendum approval) were tabled because they … Continue reading

Information from MCCD about Tax Cap, Building Repair Problems

More information being provided to the County Board’s Legislative and Audit Committee 8:30 AM April 10th meeting about the McHenry County Conservation District’s attempt to obtain more taxing power through the bills that State Senator Pam Althoff has introduced is … Continue reading

McHenry County College to Hear Health Club-Health Sciences Report Tuesday at 6

The driving force behind several successful candidacies for the McHenry County College Board last spring were referred to in shorthand as the “Health Club.” The cost was to be in the neighborhood of $42 million. The general proposal was that … Continue reading

MCC Board Candidate Tom Wilbeck Holding Reception

For $35 you can meet and mingle with those who support Lakewood’s Tom Wilbeck for McHenry County College Board. On his invitation, Wilbeck stresses, “Tom is opposed to MCC issuing bonds for expansion without voter approval.” The event will be … Continue reading

McSweeney and Franks Make Chicago Tribune with Alternative Bond Reform Bill

David McSweeney knows how to pick ‘em. And Jack Franks has been a master of gaining publicity for virtually his entire 14-year legislative career. McSweeney came up with the idea to reform the alternative revenue bond process and had a … Continue reading

Candidate Sought for County Building Commission Slot

A press release from the McHenry County Board: “The McHenry County Board is accepting applications from individuals interested in appointment to the McHENRY COUNTY PUBLIC BUILDING COMMISSION. “Incumbents may apply for reappointment. “A strong financial background is preferred with engineering … Continue reading