NWH Endorses Gottemoller for County Board Chairman

Not many were probably surprised when the Northwest Herald endorsed current McHenry County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller over County Board member Mike Walkup. The editorial endorsement came down Friday. The biggest contrast drawn in the editorial was the difference of … Continue reading

NWH Endorses Wilbrandt for State Rep., Offers Negatives on Others

My surprise of the day was discovering that the Northwest Herald didn’t endorse Carolyn Schofield (as I incorrectly predicted). Probably surprised her, too. McHenry County Assistant State’s Attorney Dan Wilbrandt got the nod instead. While the NWH found that both … Continue reading

NWH Gives Recorder’s Nod to Joni Smith, Endorses Joe Tirio’s Idea to Eliminate Election of Recorder of Deeds

Former Nunda Township Trustee Joni Smith is celebrating today. The Northwest Herald endorsed her candidacy for McHenry County Recorder of Deeds. “Smith is the most prepared to hit the ground running,” the Editorial Board writes, but urges her “to shrink … Continue reading

Predicting the Northwest Herald Will Endorse Carolyn Schofield for State Representative

Looking at the front page of the Northwest Herald Saturday leads me to predict that McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield will be endorsed by its editorial board. It is my belief that newspaper editorial endorsements are having decreasing impact … Continue reading

$5,000 Fine for Nygren’s “Willful” Refusal to Comply with FOIA Request

According to Pete Gonigam’s article on Thursday’s Freedom of Information Act hearing on attorney’s fees, there was an additional $5,000 fine ordered by Judge Thomas Meyer. It was levied “against the Sheriff’s Office last month for ‘willfully’ withholding the report,” Gonigam … Continue reading

How Did MCC Administrators Convince Students to Support Increasing Their Education Cost?

The top headline in the Wednesday Northwest Herald read, MCC trustees weigh tuition hike Student government representatives voice support for increase Every year McHenry County College Board members consider whether to raise tuition and fees. And this is at least … Continue reading