Family PAC Cruise Features Allen West

During the two years after the Tea Party election of 2010, two spokesmen arose. One was McHenry County Congressman Joe Walsh. (His wife Helene was present; Walsh was on his WIND talk show.) The other was southeast Florida Congressman Allen … Continue reading

Visitation Interference

If you listen to WBBM and maybe some other stations, you’ll hear ads from attorney Jeffery M. Leving about the visitation interference law I shepherded through the Illinois House. After my daughter was taken by her mother in 1983, I … Continue reading

Family PAC Cruises Lake Michigan

My favorite fund raiser of the year is the cruise put on by Family PAC every summer. On the drive down to Chicago, it was raining and 65 degrees. We feared for the worst, wondering if the boat would have … Continue reading

Finally, Testing Incoming Inmates for HIV

More than 20 years ago, State Rep. Penny Pullen was pushing for inmates to be tested for HIV upon incarceration. She was even willing to settle for testing upon release. Why? In the hope that those in prison might be … Continue reading

Danielle Rowe Holds North Barrington Fund Raiser – Bumped Up Because of New Information

Those who want to see the photos posted after State Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe’s Thursday night fund raiser at Wynmare County Club in North Barrington should click here. Suffice is to say that there was a respectable crowd at the … Continue reading

Santorum Campaign Backs Down Gingrich Challenger, Deadline for Rutherford Withdrawal of Romney Objections Tuesday

The Republicans standing in a circular firing squad had now devolved into a Mexican standoff. The Romney folks. led by State Treasurer and gubernatorial aspirant Dan Rutherford has people challenging Delegate slates of Rick Santorum pretty much all over Illinois. … Continue reading