MCC Financial Data Summarized by Adam Andrzewski’s Open the Books

Adam Andrzejewski’s Open the Books web site has released financial data on public colleges in Illinois. Among them is McHenry County College. While MCC is one of the minor players, Andrzejewski introductory comments are worth re-printing. IL COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES … Continue reading

Thieving School Superintendent to Lose Pension

The Cook County State’s Attorney has cut a deal with retired West Harvey-Dixmoor Elementary School Superintendent Alex Boyd. But, he won’t get to keep his pension because he was allowed to plead guilty only to felony counts of official misconduct. … Continue reading

Comparing How Schools Spend Our Money, Plus the Richmond-Burton High School Contract Impasse

There is an impasse between the school board and the teachers union in Richmond’s high school district. Each side had to submit the latest version of what it wants to a state web site. The union’s desires can be found … Continue reading

Unions Complicity in Pension Problems

Frequent McHenry County visitor Allen Skillikorn, an East Dundee Village Trustee, has submitted the following piece on our state’s pension problem: Who’s Really To Blame For Illinois’ Pension Mess? By Allen Skillicorn Let’s go back to May 2005. Rod Blagojevich … Continue reading

Union Dues Bid for Support by Illinois Democratic Governors Thwarted by U.S. Supreme Court

Taking a page from President Barack Obama’s governance by Executive Order, Governor Rod Blagojevich ordered the unionization of all home health care workers in 2003. (No, I am wrong. Blagojevich may have provided an example for Obama to follow.) The … Continue reading

Pressure Remains on Naperville to Cut Pensions & Health Insurance for Part-Time Council

The Chicago Tribune continues to put pressure on the Naperville City Council to remove the fringe benefits that council members receive. This time the Chicago Tribune article is about health insurance for the $12,000 a year, part-time elected officials. The … Continue reading

Zinke Folks Reinforce Double Dipper Mailing with Robo-Call

A very short robo-call brought the double-dipper argument to people’s ears this afternoon. A man called saying that “Bill Prim will not” something or other. He talked about Prim’s $76,000 pension [compliments of Des Plaines taxpayers and not mentioning that … Continue reading