Jack Franks Says the Billboard Didn’t Spur Attacks on Metra Board Member Jack Schaffer

Keven Craver has an interesting article in the Northwest Herald about the fight Democrat State Rep.  Jack Franks had with former McHenry County Republican Party Chairman, State Senator and Metra Board member Jack Schaffer. You see, Schaffer owns Liberty Outdoor … Continue reading

Pat Quinn 88% Toll Tax Hike Gives Metra Room to Hike Fares without Fear of Lost Customers

With the increase in gasoline and diesel prices, Metra already had a good excuse to raise commuter fares. But, with the 88% Toll Tax Hike, there is now even less possibility of losing railroad passengers to their cars. The Daily … Continue reading

The Jack Franks’ “Get Jack Schaffer” Campaign

Almost to the day, one year after Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano committed suicide by stepping in front of the last morning train from McHenry, Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks decided to send a letter to McHenry County Board … Continue reading

Metra Must Provide Barbara Pagano Benefits Correspondence

Metra has adamantly refused to release information to McHenry County Blog regarding efforts to reimburse the taxpayers for the money that former Executive Director Phil Pagano took without authorization. I’ve been trying to obtain such documents since September, 2010, and … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Businessman Asks Metra to Probe Ridgefield Station

Jim Roden, owner of the Framery in Ridgefield has sent the following letter to Metra Chairwoman  Carole Dovis. A copy was sent to the railroad commuter agency’s Inspector General Hillard Heintze. Metra Board Chairman, Carole R. Doris 547 W. Jackson … Continue reading