Terry Ekl Attacks Tom McQueen’s Testimony about Withholding Evidence in Bianchi Trials

The afternoon of the second day of the indirect contempt of court trial of McHenry County Special Prosecutor Thomas “Tom” McQueen consisted mainly of Lou Bianchi defense attorney and prosecutor of the McQueen case Terry Ekl’s questioning McQueen about his … Continue reading

Gottemoller and Walkup Take Different Approaches to Ethics

When the discussion got to the Planning and Development Committee, the choice advanced by Chairman Tina Hill was newcomer Joe Gottemoller. Gottemoller is a newly-elected member of the McHenry County Board. He has done extensive zoning work in the area … Continue reading

Why the U.S. Attorney Wants to Keep George Ryan in Jail

This is a long one and for that I apologize. But I want to have the basics of the U.S. Attorney’s case against former Governor George Ryan on McHenry County Blog and this seemed a good way to put it … Continue reading